Session format

I meet with students and professors online to refine their manuscripts. I teach them new strategies and guide them in using the ones they have already learned. The whole process is very efficient and rewarding since we use an online format. We meet in Zoom or Skype and work on the manuscript in Google Drive, Overleaf or with a document camera with pencil and paper depending on the situation. This allows us to efficiently tackle big challenges in writing. There are no distractions such as transport, room space, or some other hindrance. We just focus on strategic writing.

Session length

Sessions are 55 minutes long to allow 5 minutes of preparation for the next student. Upon booking, you will receive a link to the Zoom classroom and other contact details. You can always call on Skype if an issue arises while you are trying to connect.

Booking a session

To book a session, use the booking calendar below.

  1. Select a date and time
    1. You can choose multiple times if you wish
  2. Click the X in the window to close the date selection
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  4. Chose payment info
  5. Check for a confirmation email
  6. Show up in the Zoom classroom at the time of your session


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