Drew John

Have you ever spent a day checking your email because the task of writing your manuscript was looming over you? I know I have. But since I love to build systems and strategies, I discovered a simple yet clever way out of the doldrums of writer’s block. That system is what I would like to share with you.

I am a plant biologist and biochemist who has taken a meandering route through many fields of studies in academia. Because of this, I became aware of challenges common to many researchers. I also became conscious and respectful of variation and rivalries between academic disciplines. Words used in one discipline were shunned by another and phrases considered crucial by one journal were attacked while under review by another. These changes caused me to notice that professors and students got stuck in one way of communication. They often struggled to find the right style and then, if they had to change fields, they could not find the other style of a neighboring discipline.

The difficulties faced by researchers motivated me to build an academic writing system. I teach researchers this system in the form of strategic writing. I have seen for myself and many other researchers that the proper strategy can really accelerate the writing process. For example, quality assurance strategies take the guesswork out of writing and reduce the endless pile of drafts. Furthermore, the strategies I developed, adapted and compiled give a clear track so that researchers like us can write confidently.

If you are looking to become a strategic writer and accelerate your academic writing then consider joining the Academic Writing Accelerator. The Academic Writing Accelerator is an online learning platform and community. It provides you with the complete strategic writing system, question and answer calls, community momentum and expert feedback on your manuscript. To find the best path for your research plan, you can book a free strategy session with me today.


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